When IMAGE is important, trust the Experts in Indoor & Outdoor Video Walls


Trax AV has been providing LED Video Display / Walls or sometimes called Jumbotrons for over 10 years.  We specialize in Image Magnification (IMAG) for Concerts, Events, Festivals, both indoor and outdoor. Whether you are putting on your own event or for a client, we specialize in providing unique high quality solutions at affordable prices.  Not only do our services include a Turn Key Video Display, but we can also provide Full Production Services from HD Cameras, Switching, Audio, Lighting & Staging.  All of our technicians are well versed in every area of production and can work right along with your Production Crews to enhance any Professional AV Production.    Trax AV has supplied Video Displays for numerous Clients including:

NFL Super Bowl, PGA Champions Tour, RED BULL, Denver Broncos, Park City Jazz Festival, Salt Lake City Jazz Festival, Indianapolis Symphony, Utah Symphony, Jeep, NCAA, ESPN, Stadium of Fire, Dew Tour, Full Throttle Sturgis and many more.


LED Video Display Rental Products:


3.9mm SMD High Resolution  Indoor.  

Carbon Fiber Ultra Lightweight Panels only weigh 7 lbs each.  Panel dimensions are 500mm x 500mm.  Max Brightness is 1200 NITS. Pixel resolution per panel is 128 x 128.


3.9mm SMD Outdoor  

Coming June 2018!!  High Brightness 5000 NITS.  Panel Size 500mm x 1000mm, Panel weight 18lbs, Panel Resolution 128 x 256.


8MM SMD Indoor/Outdoor Modules  

IP65 with 5500 NITS Brightness.  Light Weight easy setup Outdoor Panels.  Panel Dimensions 480mm x 640mm.  Weight 26 lbs each.  Pixel Resolution 60 x 80







16MM DIP Indoor/Outdoor 

IP65 Outdoor Rated 550 NITS.  Panel Weight 27 lbs, Panel Dimensions 480mm X 640mm. Panel Pixel Resolution 30 x 40.  Viewing Distance approx 75' 



Truck Mount Virtual 8mm 30' x 18'.  53' Tractor Trailer. The Largest 16:9 Truck mount display in America!  Onboard power.




8mm Trailer Mount Screens With onboard power and height adjustable